Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Videos of the kids

Here are some videos of the kids from our video camera that we've had for two years and just last week decided to download the videos. Enjoy!!

The first is of Cameron Army Crawling.

This second video is of our trip on Jack's train.

And last here's a clip from Jack's first soccer game.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A few more pictures from the holidays

I just found another 250 pictures that were still on the camera and not downloaded yet so here's the highlights.

We left on the night of the 23rd after I got done working, as you can see we didn't get to my parents house until after these twos bedtime.

Opening presents with Grandpa Spence.

The family picture on Christmas Eve.

Playing in the new wagon Grandma and Grandpa Wagner got him.

Playing with the little people garage Grandpa and Grandma Welder got him and uncle Brent put together.

Driveing back home with a car packed to the gills with new toys.

We finally had our family Christmas at home the next week, and Jack was happy to finally see present under the tree!!

Probably his favorite of what we got him.

My favorite of what he got me. He also got me a football trophy that he painted himself, with mom's help of course.

He's learned to blow kisses to people.

Ringing in the new year all together. Jack happened to wake up shortly before midnight so we kept him up to celebrate. I got home about an hour before midnight after a long day at work.

After the ball dropped Jack decided to hit up the bubbly. (kidding of course)

That about wraps up the last couple of months with our family we'll try to keep the updates coming a little quicker from now on.

Here's a couple pictures just so you don't think the kids all smiles and kisses all of the time.

Luke's update

Since Steph hasn't been updating this lately I'll try to throw a little something together for everyone. This is my first try at it so if things end up looking weird so be it. We bought ourselves a new camera for Christmas since our old one died. We love the new camera but it took us a while to figure out how to get the pictures on the computer so a lot of these pictures are from a while back.

Putting garland up on the tree can be a very exciting event, just ask Steph.

Putting the finishing touches on the tree.

The finished product!! (you can't really tell but the ornaments are all on the top half of the tree)

This is my biggest contribution to the holiday decorations.

Playing the part of Rudolph.

Riding the horse Grandma Marvel and Aunt Linda bought him for Christmas. Deffinitely one of his favorites this season.

Running in the first snow of the season. Yes, he is barefoot. He ran out there before we could stop him, but it was a very short run in the snow.

Caught looking for his Christmas presents under the tree.

Loaded up in the car to go somewhere. Look at the beautiful blue eyes he got from his mom.

Ham it up for the camera. He has learned to smile for the camera recently and show off his pearly whites. In this picture he still only had 6, now he's up to 8.

Jack loves spending time at his wee-school with Steph and all of the other kids!!

This is the plate that Jack made me for Christmas, definitely the best present I got this year, followed very closely by the Wii my parents got us. Unfortunately, we don't have pictures of the reaction when we opened the Wii at their house. We were quite suprised and excited.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Long time

I know it's been a loooong while since I've posted. The Spence household has been very busy. Between the holidays and school, I haven't had much time to update. Our camera broke a few weeks ago, so I didn't even have any photos to update. We finally got a new camera, so hopefully I'll be updating again soon, I just need to figure out how to download pics from my new camera. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we definately did. I have one more paper to write and then I'll have more time to do things like this. See you all in a few days (I hope)!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Luke and I posed in our Obama t-shirts, while Jack advocated PEACE!!

We witnessed history tonight, as a family. We are so thankful that our son will be raised in a country where everyone is capable of being president. Jack will never know a time where it wasn't possible for a black man to be president (we'll work on getting a qualified woman there next). We are so happy tonight. We both know that there is a lot of work to be done now, however, are confident that the right man is on the job.


Finally, the day has arrived! November 4, 2008, election day. Luke and I have already voted, Jack and I waited in line for over 3 hours on Saturday to cast our vote for Obama/ Biden, Jill Long-Thompson for governor, Nels Ackerson for House. I'm so excited for voting in my second election, the first time didn't go my way, so I'm hoping that this one does. If it doesn't, I fear the path that our country will continue on.

I am by no means a one issue voter; however, I am a one party voter. Many people criticize me for this, but I have my reasons. Unfortunately, in our current political scene, parties get things done, people don't. I cannot in good judgment vote for a person whom I like as a person; however have fundamental differences in beliefs and values. Many characterize my beliefs as radical, which I openly, happily accept and recognize. I may be radical, but I fundamentally care about people more than money and think that the well being of millions outweighs the importance of rich people getting richer. I vote based on my values, beliefs and ethics. I vote based on the world that I want my son to grow up in. I vote based on the beliefs, values and ethics that Luke and I are raising Jack to embrace.

I have been reading a lot about abortion lately, I know that this is a hot button issue for many, heck, and many people vote on this one issue alone. I am solidly pro-choice; however I do not think that being pro-choice and being pro-life are mutually exclusive. As a college student, I volunteered at a high risk pregnancy center, working with many women who were young, many who where impoverished, women who were choosing to have their child, regardless of the horrible life situation that they were living in. When I graduated I worked as an in home social worker, helping women who had their children taken away from them, children who were living in foster homes, children who nobody wanted to adopt because they were older. When we moved to Indiana, I chose to work at Healthy Families, working with women to help them provide a better life for their children and themselves. I lovingly accepted these women for who they were and advocated on behalf of them. Where are all of the "pro-lifers" or as I call them, "anti-choicers" then? Oh, I forgot, for many "pro-life/anti-choice" people, all caring about life ends once a child is born. Is it a coincidence that many people who are pro-life/anti-choice are also anti welfare, anti fair wage, anti contraception? God forbid we give these people food for their children, clothes or a warm house. We certainly cannot teach teens about the dangers of SEX, about birth control, because, as well all know, they shouldn’t be having sex to begin with. Once they do choose to have sex and they do get pregnant, we shouldn’t really have to provide them with good medical care, as long as they can go to the free clinic, they’ll be fine. No matter what, don’t provide them with food, shelter or clothing, you know, because they shouldn’t have gotten pregnant to begin with. $5.50 is all that businesses can afford to pay workers, if they have to pay them more, the companies would go out of business, workers should be thankful for the employment.

Many "Christians" use the pro-life/anti-choice argument as a faith based concern. These are the same Christians who conveniently forget about the importance of following other teachings, such as the importance of anointing the sick, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry. These are all values that I think God truly cares about. Isaiah 58:6-7, "Remove the chains of oppression and the yoke of injustice, and let the oppressed go free. Share your food with the hungry and open your homes to the homeless poor."

While I know some pro-life/anti-choice people who definitely live their faith, help people and advocate for them, unfortunately, they are not in the majority.

Until I know pro-lifer/anti-choice people who actually live their belief of being able to live from conception to natural death, I will not accept their argument. Until I know pro-life/anti-choice people who take steps to foster or adopt unwanted children, I cannot accept their position. Until I know pro-life/anti-choice people who advocate for the poor and disenfranchised, accept the necessity of welfare and work towards a nation that is not divisive, racist or selfish, I cannot and will not accept their position.

Yes, I am pro-choice, but I advocate for life on all levels, from birth to natural death.