Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trip to Iowa

Jack David and Great Uncle David - our first meeting !
Chillin on the kitchen floor
Crusing for chicks (want to join me Noura, Mattea, Courtney or Riley?)
Play the bongos
Sleeping Angel
Grandpa Welder and Jack
Grandma Welder, Grandpa Welder and Jack
Uncle paul and Jack
Grammy Wagner and Jack
Aunt Caroline

Hi everyone. We've had a fun and busy week. Last weekend Luke, Jack and I went to Nevada, Ankeny and Silvis to visit our family. We had a great time seeing everyone and of course everyone loved seeing Jack. Trips to Iowa are getting a little more difficult now that Jack is older, but it is worth it to us to make the long trip so Jack can keep connected to his family. We were in Nevada on Saturday, grammy and grandpa Wagner and Aunt Caroline and Uncle Paul had a great time playing with Jack and were suprised at how much he had grown in the past month. Jack is still "army crawling" but is starting to take more strids while actually crawling on his hands and knees. Sunday we spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa Welder, Great grandma Marvel, and great Uncle and Aunt Jeff and Becky and Tyler. We went to my dad's church with him in the morning, had a great lunch and then dad, Karen, Paul, Jeff, Becky, Luke, me and my uncle David went to see a comedian that night. It was HILARIOUS!!!! A really good time. Mom and Caroline babysat, which they loved of course. We headed home on Monday and stopped in Illinois to visit Grandma and Grandpa Spence. Jack loves seeing all of his grandparents. We got back to Indiana LATE Monday night and spent the week just hanging out. I stopped at the Healthy Families office a couple times to meet friends for lunch, which was really fun. I swear, sometimes I think that I still work there! Friday was a going away lunch for my friend Adri, it was great going to lunch with all of my friends, plus two of Jacks friends Mattea (15 mos) and Courtney (3 mos) were there for Jack to play with. Jack and Mattea were so cute together. Today Luke, Jack and I were welcomed into our new church and had a new member lunchon. It was nice to meet other families (some with babies) and also Father and other church members. I am going to try to get involved with church somehow. The weather has been nice so we have been trying to get out more often, which is great. I love being able to go on walks and watch Jack discover new things! Although I miss working A TON, I think that I would miss those moments with Jack more. I am trying really hard to find at least 1 activity to do per day to keep us up and moving around. Some days we are more productive than others, but we're working on it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Last couple of weeks

Playing while Mom folds the laundry!
Posing for the camera outside!
Kissable face!!
I'm standing up!!!
My foot is better than my dinner...
playing outside while mom and dad wash the cars

Bath time!
What I looked like before the previous 2 pictures
I love talking to my dog...

Mom and Jack at the zoo
Jack and Noura and the giraffes
Jack and Noura outside of the zoo, the begining of a love affair...
Whose bone is this???
Bath Time!!

Hi everyone, sorry that I haven't been writing on this lately, I'm not a great blogger....yet..... The last couple weeks have been fun. Luke has been home a fair amount, which we always like. Jack is growing and growing. He has just started fully pulling himself up onto things (sofa, toys, ect), I clap and hoot and hollar for him and he starts smiling and clapping for himself. He is also able to get from laying down to sitting by himself. He is not quite crawling yet, but is getting there. He has a big blue ball that he follows around the house. He can never quite catch it and gets frustrated, but Luke and I think that it is hilarious. He is also learning how to scoot from room to room to find me, which is impressive, he'll be crawling (or walking) around very soon. He is eating like a pro and loves food, he really likes teething toast, but it is really messy.

We have been filling our days with hanging out with friends, playing outside and going to the zoo. Jack loves playdates and we added a new friend, Riley, last Thursday. Jack and I went up and saw her and her mommy in the hospital and Jack thinks that she is pretty cute. Jack has 4 girlfriends and no boy friends, but we just heard that another friend is having a BOY at the end of August, so Jack will be a year older, but that won't matter after he gets out of the newborn stage. Jack, Betsy, Noura and I went to the Indy Zoo on Wednesday, which was really fun. You can definately pick out the new/stay at home moms from the group. We're the ones that are taking pictures of our 7 and 9 month old kids in front of animals and clapping about it. Oh well, its nice to get out. We have also gone down the the Canal downtown to go walking with my friend Beth, its a great place to go and about 3 miles around, so we get some exercise while doing so. Luke went on a golf outing a couple weeks ago with some Chautauqua guys and had fun AND he won the NCAA pool from work and won $100, which is GREAT!!! We were both impressed by his ability to do so well, who would have thought?? We're heading to Nevada for the weekend to visit my family, so we're excited about that and as my mom says, "We're so excited to see Jack!", (no mention of Jacks parents, but I guess thats life now, haha). I am seriously going to try to write on this weekly, maybe every Friday, we'll see if I keep up with it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Steph's Birthday Week

Tanya, Lana, Betsy, Adri, Karen and Courtney, Me and Beth

Look Ma', I'm standing!!

Beautiful Cake that Luke baked and decorated for me
Bath time!
Jack and Daddy on Cubs opening day!!! (We lost)

Mommy and Jack blowing out the candles on her birthday cupcake.

Jack and Mommy

Sorry that I haven't written in awhile. We've had a busy week. Last Tuesday was my 25th birthday (My GOLDEN Birthday, I turned 25 on the 25th), it was GREAT. Luke and Jack got me a Nintendo DS - have you ever played it? It's fun, I got the "Brain Game", I like it alot. That night my friend Beth babysat Jack so Luke and I could go out to dinner. We went to Weber Grill, it was really good and fun. It's nice to get out sometimes without the baby. The rest of the week was spent with Luke working, Jack and I stopped by my old office and I saw my friends for awhile. My friend Andrea is due to have a baby any day now, so Jack and I went to her baby shower. It was fun. Luke's parents came to visit on Saturday and my friends threw me a suprise birthday party on Saturday night. Luke and Jack stayed home and hung out with Dennis and Sandy and I went to see my friends. 6 of my friends came and we had dinner and hung out and talked. It was really fun, THANKS BETH AND BETSY!!! I have SUCH GOOD friends here, I love them!! Luke and Jack had fun with Dennis and Sandy, Sunday we went to church, lunch and hung out for the rest of the day. Jack loves having his grandparents visit. We've had quite a few visitors lately and we are so glad that Jack is able to see most of his family pretty regularly.

Jack is growing, Growing, GROWING!! He still isn't crawling, but he gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth all of the time. He is just starting to be able to stand up while holding onto things, which is fun to see. He even tried to pull himself up, and was successful (with my help). Luke and I are so proud of him, he is such a good little boy. He is teething, which is a trial for both him and us, but we are making it though. Hopefully his teeth will pop through sometime soon. He is eating like a horse and weighs 16 1/2 lbs now and is about 27 1/2 inches tall. He loves food and really loves Banana puffs (like cheerios) and Zwieback Toast (Biter Biscuts). He just gnaws on them until they are complete mush.

2008 has turned into the "Year of the Wedding". Two of my good friends recently got engaged and will be getting married in October and November. I'm in both weddings, which will be fun!