Sunday, August 31, 2008

My poor baby!

Jack has been sick this weekend. Poor guy was up ALL night Friday night into Saturday. His breathing seemed off and he had a fever, since our Christmas disaster last year, I am neurotic, to say the least, about his breathing. So, off Luke, Jack and I treck to the St. Francis emergency at 4:00 am. For some reason, our kid likes getting sick on weekends, especially holiday weekends. Well, luckily, Jack was just fine, he has an ear infection (I told the kid that he should have nursed longer, alas, he gave it up), thus the temperature and the labored breathing. FYI to all of my Indy friends, at 4am, the St. Francis emergency room is COMPLETELY EMPTY, so next time you have an emergency (or are just being over protective), head down south, they'll get you in in no time!

Poor baby Jack was lethargic all day yesterday. He didn't have the energy to move around, or even pull himself up. He was a little cuddle bug. He got some antibiotics and Motrin (which we think he is allergic or sensitive to, he threw up EVERYTHING right after we gave it to him, twice!). He slept with me last night (Luke had to go to work) and his temp got up to 104,which scared me, but luckily he woke up today and seems to be just fine. He still has a low grade fever, but he is a lot happier and moving around like a champ. THANK GOD!

Besides that, things are going well. School has started and it's going pretty well. It hasn't been too busy yet, but starting this week I have a paper/project due every week, WELCOME TO GRAD SCHOOL! Luke has luckily gotten most days that I have school off. Our friends Dustin and Nichole watched Jack for an hour on Tuesday and he started at his baby sitter's house for the first time on Thursday. It went well! He was happy when I left and when I picked him up. Adrienne is a really nice woman who has a 2 and 4 year old. She said that Jack played nicely with the kids and everything was great. Luckily, Luke has every T&R off in September, so we'll see where we get in October!

Luke had a week of vacation, which was really nice to spend with him. We didn't do too much, mostly stayed home and chilled, which is always nice! Sorry that there isn't more to report.

Obviously, we're getting excited about the upcoming election and I was glued to the convention all last week. Luke, Jack and I are all really looking forward to the upcoming months!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I realized.....

That Obama was right in his speech, John McCain JUST DOESN'T GET IT!

How dumb does McCain think that women are? (pause music on the side)

Also, I feel insulted as a woman and mother when the media praises Sarah Palin for choosing to have her baby even though he has Downs Syndrome! It is the same choice many women make every year, regardless of prenatal diagnosis, whether they are pro-choice or anti-choice! That is the point of being pro-choice, having the ability to choose what is best for you and your situation.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who's that guy

Who is that (white) guy standing behind Caroline Kennedy during her CNN interview (you see him best at around the 55 second - 1 minute mark)? If you know, post a message. If not, guess, and know that you need to get to know me a little better!

Hint hint......who might I know that would in in Denver at the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION?!?!?!?!?!?!

(Click on the "Who's that guy" title!)

I am moderating the comments so you all don't cheat, if you win, I'll send you a fun prize in the mail! Remember to answer, maybe you'll win!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


August 24, 2008 5:28 am, 1 year later

Happy birthday baby boy!! Your daddy and I love you so much and can't believe how much you have grown over the past 12 months. You have blessed us every day since the second your were born, (5:28am). We are happier now than ever. You are such a delightful, caring, smart, handsome little guy. We can't imagine our lives without you in it. You came into our lives like a flash, unexpected but beautiful. You were pretty perfect from them moment we knew about you (except for the 6 months or morning sickness (it was worth it), but you made up for it with the 5 hour labor, only 2 1/2 of it at the hospital (thanks again for making it easy on me)). I remember the second your were born, your daddy was so excited and I couldn't believe it. You actually were a very cute newborn. I know, all moms say that about their baby, but seriously, your face wasn't strangely smushed and you didn't have much of a cone head, you were just a perfect little 7.2 lb 21 in long baby boy. Everyone fell in love with you. We love you more than anything!


Mom and Dad

Birthday Party

Check out those blue eyes...and the smurf mouth!
More cake?
Tanya and Mattea, Me and Jack, Andrea and Riley, Karen and Courtney

He pulverized that cake.

Mattea, Jack, Courtney and Riley
Jack, Courtney and Riley
Our family, 1 year later
Colts Cake!
Little prince

Jack had is 1st Birthday Party today! It was so much fun. We had a lot of visitors and had some yummy chocolate cake decorated with the COLTS logo, and vanilla ice cream. 3 of Jack's girlfriends came over, Mattea (Tanya), Courtney(Karen) and Riley (Andrea) (We missed your Noura!). We also had their mommies, Jen, Ryan and Olivia, Lana and Dave, Adri, Janice, Beth, Nichole, Erin (and baby Tripp,due anyday!). He got some great presents and had a good time getting a lot of attention. He looked so cute in his little outfit today with his curly hair. Thanks everyone for spending the day with us, we love you!


Waiting patiently for his cake.
Mmmm...I want it!
Jack and cousin Patrick
Grandma Spence, Great Aunt and Uncle Bill and Sherry.
After being in Iowa for 5 days, Uncle Paul took us to Iowa City to meet Grandma Spence. Grandma Spence then took us to Illinois (in her awesome new car!). We were SO EXCITED to meet back up with Daddy, we hadn't seen him in several days. That night we had a birthday party (Jack's second 1st birthday party) with the Spences', Chandler's, and Karen and Adam (what's Adam's last name??). It was great seeing everyone. Jack LOVES his cousin Patrick and played with him. He got some great new toys and LOVED his Cubs cake that his grandparent's got him. We left Tuesday morning but had a WONDERFUL short trip!


Cake #1 (first party and Grandma and Grandpa Wags' house)
Mommy and Jack
Opening presents
Grandpa Welder and Jack
Grandpa Wags and Jack
Grandpa and Grandma Wags and Jack
Grandma Wags and Jack
Uncle Paul and Uncle Sparky
Jack and Jack

We went back to Iowa last week for a few days. My grandma and grandpa Kaiser were in town visiting, it was GREAT seeing them. I just love them so much. I had a wonderful time watching Jack get to know his great grandma and grandpa, plus, I like spending time with them too. I also had bridal showers and bachelorette parties for Nicole and Jessica. I had so much fun with them. We went to a comedy club with Jess and a piano bar with Nicole. Their showers were really fun too. I love seeing my friends when I am home. Thanks mom for watching Jack, I know he loved it!

We threw Jack a birthday party at my mom's house on Saturday too. It was a lot of fun, tons of people came, including the Kaisers, Matt, Great Grandma and Grandpas Welder and Kaiser, Grandma and Grandpas Welder and Wagner. Amy and Nicole, Liz, Caroline and Paul. Jack had fun eating his cake and playing with all of his new toys.

The Timbies

Betsy, Noura, me and Jack

Jen, Beth, Tanya (guitar), Lana, Betsy, Me. Our ROCK BAND PARTY! We had a girls night out the week before Betsy left. I LOVE THESE GIRLS!
How you doin?
Me, Jack and Noura

Our good friends, Betsy, Andrew and Noura Timbie made their way ALLLLLL across the Atlantic and western Africa to Burundi, Africa. They are helping to start a Christian radio station there at Hope Africa University. They left a week ago and made it safely to Burundi. I would appreciate it if you could keep them in your prayers while they are there (until January 2009). Jack and Noura are a few weeks apart in age and LOVE each other (with no prompting from their parents). Betsy and I have become good friends over the past year and Jack and I already miss Betsy and Noura A LOT! But we're excited for their adventure and look forward to regular updates (hint hint). She said that she has had some culture shock, and especially doesn't like it when she sees HUGE spiders in her room, but overall she is getting used to everything. Here are a few pictures of us from right before they left. WE LOVE YOU TIMBIES!

It's been awhile....again....again....again

Grandma and Grandpa Spence and Jack
Luke, Stephanie, Caroline and Jack
Swimming with Aunt Caroline
Daddy and Jack
I'm not that into Spinach!
Watching Caroline do her tumbling in the yard.
Grandma and the hula hoop!
It's a bird, it's a plane.....IT'S SUPERGIRL! (At the children's museum)
Tuckered out from a long day at the museum.

I know, I know, it's been awhile again. We've been really busy. The begining of August we had my little sister, Caroline (Aunt Caroline) come to visit for a few days. While she was here, Grandma and Grandpa Spence also came. It was a great time. They all got here Friday night (Thanks Dennis and Sandy for bringing Caroline!). Saturday I went my friends baby shower (Hurry up Tripp, Jack can't wait to meet you!) and Luke, Caroline, Jack, Dennis and Sandy went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. I think that they had a great time, however Jack got a little tired, as always! That night we went to Caroline's faaaavorite restaurant, TGI Fridays. Sunday we got up and went to lunch at a great new place in Greenwood, BJ's. That afternoon Grandma and Grandpa left and Caroline, Jack, Luke and I went to Plainfield Aquatic Park. It was SO FUN!! Jack eventually got used to being in the water and started to enjoy himself. The next day, we met my parents in Champaign and dropped Caroline off. Jack had a great visit with Aunt Caroline. He just LOVES HER! She is so patient and kind to him. He follows her around and thinks that she is the GREATEST!!

Jack also took his first steps by himself while everyone was here. It was very exciting and we were so proud of him!