Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A few more pictures from the holidays

I just found another 250 pictures that were still on the camera and not downloaded yet so here's the highlights.

We left on the night of the 23rd after I got done working, as you can see we didn't get to my parents house until after these twos bedtime.

Opening presents with Grandpa Spence.

The family picture on Christmas Eve.

Playing in the new wagon Grandma and Grandpa Wagner got him.

Playing with the little people garage Grandpa and Grandma Welder got him and uncle Brent put together.

Driveing back home with a car packed to the gills with new toys.

We finally had our family Christmas at home the next week, and Jack was happy to finally see present under the tree!!

Probably his favorite of what we got him.

My favorite of what he got me. He also got me a football trophy that he painted himself, with mom's help of course.

He's learned to blow kisses to people.

Ringing in the new year all together. Jack happened to wake up shortly before midnight so we kept him up to celebrate. I got home about an hour before midnight after a long day at work.

After the ball dropped Jack decided to hit up the bubbly. (kidding of course)

That about wraps up the last couple of months with our family we'll try to keep the updates coming a little quicker from now on.

Here's a couple pictures just so you don't think the kids all smiles and kisses all of the time.

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Claire said...

That first pic is soooooo cute!