Tuesday, March 25, 2008



Eggs are good!
Egg family
Uh-oh I got into the dye!
Jack's church Easter outfit
I'm starting to get on my hands and knees and rock back and forth, crawling, here I come!!!

Jack has a tail

Easter dinner that Steph made. YUMMY!

Thanks Easter Bunny!

Grass in COOL!
I'm tired and it's cold out here!!

Our family had a great Easter. Jack and I woke up and went to church (we found a new one that we really like) and then came home to prepare our Easter "feast". Luke worked but got home around 3, which was great. I prepared ham, potaotes, green beans and this corn caserole thing that Luke loves. It was low key, especially since we're used to being with family on holidays, but it was really nice just having our family. Jack was adorable in his 2 Easter outfits, one for church and one that says "Baby's First Easter". We colored eggs and played. Jack got into the blue dye, which was cute, but messy. Jack got an Easter basket, but he was more interested in Luke's basket than his own. Jack got a few new books, a cd and clothes. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Wags, Caroline and Liz for the adorable outfit and pictures and the Grandma and Grandpa Spence for the book and bunny, Jack loves them!

Today is my birthday, so my friend Beth is going to watch Jack so Luke and I can go out for dinner, we're really looking forward to it. I think that we'll go to a park today and get outside for awhile. Of course, that depends on how the weather is. I guess that we'll see.

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andrew,betsy,& noura said...

cute jack!!! but the one of you holding him up in front of you, looks like jack with long hair!!!