Friday, September 5, 2008

All better

Top Pic - Jack is ALL BETTER with Daisy

New baby Tripp

Cute picture of Jack on his birthday, thanks Ryan!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Jack is ALL BETTER! Thank God! He was really sick for a while, but he's back to his 1 year old antics. Luke was home Tues-today, it was great having him around. We went to the farmer's market downtown, it was HOT, we also went to the War Memorial Museum downtown, it was actually pretty cool. Luke really liked it. I had class a few days this week, it is going well. I got an A on my first paper, WOOHOO! I have another paper due Tues and a presentation on Thursday, hopefully they go just as well. The Spence household is getting really riled up about politics right now, it's an exciting time!

Congratulations to my friend Erin and her husband Rick on Richard Carlson III, aka, baby Tripp! He is a BEAUTIFUL baby, we're excited to meet him!

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