Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Haircut

I have been pretty bad about posting about our family life lately, so here's a quick update. Things have been going very well in the Spence household. Jack and I have become social butterflys, which we LOVE! I joined a stroller exercise class here in Greenwood (don't laugh, it is actually a good workout) on Mon, Wed and Fri. We also joined a mommy and me group on Tuesday mornings and have story time at the library on Thursdays. I have started meeting a lot of nice, new people, which is really exciting.

I have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I am LOVING IT! I am meeting many new and interesting people and starting to learn a lot. Much of the class is just about becoming more introspective and better critical thinkers, I am liking it a lot. I only have in class work for a few more weeks, then the second eight weeks of the semester will be a Human Behavior class that I will be taking online. I am not thrilled about taking an online course, but it will be ok. Luckily Luke has gotten most Tuesdays and Thursdays off and we have only had to use our babysitter once so far.

As most of you saw, we had family pictures taken last Thursday and they were GREAT! I strongly recommend Rachel Vanoven for anyone in the area,

We are excited to see all of the photos and order them.

Our good friends Dustin and Nichole got engaged last weekend so we went out with them the other night to celebrate. Nichole and I went wedding dress shopping today and saw some BEAUTIFUL dresses, it was really fun. If only I could buy another dress...there are so many pretty ones now....

Luke has been working a decent amount lately. Luckily he has most of the week off and his parents are coming to visit for a couple days. Friday, Jack and I are flying back to Iowa to visit for a few days, I'm sure everyone there is excited to see him.

On Saturday, I finally gave in (people have been telling me to for awhile, paired with people calling Jack and girl and seeing his pictures) and got Jack's hair cut. All of his little curls are gone, we'll see if they come back, but I'm not too confident. Hopefully they will though. I told the girl that I wanted a trim but liked the length, I guess she disagreed with me because the next thing I knew, she was chopping all of his cute blonde hair off. Oh well, he still is as cute as can be. He just looks like a little man now. I am going to grow his hair out though, because I like long hair on little boys....and I am his, I can do what I want!

Jack has been pretty good lately, we did have to go to the emergency room a couple weeks ago (on a friday of Labor day, in fact) because he was breathing funny. Luckily he just had an ear infection, he had a really high fever for a while, but he is all better now.

He is getting bigger and bigger! He is almost exclusively walking. He is pretty good at sharing at Mommy and Me. He was a bit of a loner at first, but he is starting to play with the other kids. He is teething again and has almost 6 teeth. He is completely weaned and we are working on weaning him from a bottle....ok, that was a total lie, I'm not working at that, although I know that I should be, maybe this week?

We went and visited my friend Erin and Baby Tripp on Friday. We had a GREAT TIME!! It was nice being around a friend (I think Erin had fun too) and it was nice holding a little guy, and he is LITTLE! How quickly we forget how tiny our babies start out. He was sweet and let me hold him for quite a while. Jack was good for the most part, but then he was interested in seeing the baby. He pet Tripp like he does the animals, which, I guess, is pretty good for a 1 year old. Hopefully we will be able to have another play date soon!!

Overall, that has been our life up to now. Of course Luke and I are really into the political season and are pulling for Obama, we went to get a yard sign the other day and they are out, which is good and bad, I guess. We're hoping that he heads to Indy one of these days, but we're not holding our breath!

Our friends the Timbies are doing well in Africa, please say a quick prayer for them if you think about it. I think that they are adjusting and I've been able to see a few pictures, Noura is already growing, we miss them a lot and look forward to them getting home.

Feel free to comment, I CHALLENGE YOU TO COMMENT!! That is what it is for! Sometimes I think that I am writing this for myself (well, the political stuff is for myself, but this kind of stuff is for all of you!!)

Lots of LOVE!!


andrew,betsy,& noura said...

how cute!! He looks like a boy now, not a baby! Its so funny he got his hair cut already, while Noura is struggling to get hair...can you send us the leftover hair to tape on Noura's head?:)

Tanya and Mattea said...

You succumbed tio peer pressure sucker!!!!! He looks cute anyways.

Amy K. said...

Adorable! I love Jack's haircut!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you hopefully this weekend. JD is certainly photogenic.

You must be busy, I don't hear much from you these days.

Love you all.