Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama Rally

Today Luke, Jack and I trekked out in the rain to the Indiana State Fair grounds for a Barack Obama rally. It was SO GREAT!! We had the best time. I have such hope and faith in our country and in Barack Obama. It was amazing sitting there with my husband (who has already voted) my child and a very diverse group of people, listening to the man whom Luke and I (Jack too) hope to be our future president.

So much of this election is not about me and my generation or generations older that me, it is not about my politics or plans, now, it is all about Jack. I want Jack to be raised in a country that possesses a set of ethics and values that are important. Values that were taught to me by my parents and grandparents, taught to Luke by his parents and grandparents and hopefully, taught to Jack by his parents and grandparents. I want Jack to grow up in a world that values the lives of all people. A culture where money is not the driving force to all things. A world where there are polar bears and a nation that does not owe China $10,000,000,000,000 (trillion) dollars. I want Jack to grow up in a nation where his little sisters (God willing!!) will be treated equally to him. Where people are not denied basic rights, like marrying those who they love, health care or a living wage.

No, I do not believe that Barack Obama is capable of changing all of these things, however, I do believe, that by voting with my, and Luke with his, values and ethics, we will be voting for the person that best reflects what we want in a nation.


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