Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Pictures

A little spill
Mom resued me!

The difference a year makes!

Look how tall I am!
Climbing Everest

Just walking!

Ready to go down the slide with mom and dad

mommy and me in th slide

Petting the Donkey...HEY HE BIT ME!!!

I love this picture!

mama and me (above, NOT BELOW! SMART ALECKS!!)

We went to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday. We had a great time! Appleworks is such a nice place. My friend Lana got married there last year and we've been a few times since her wedding. We bought some apples, I am going to TRY to make some homemade applesauce, if anyone has any good advice, let me know! We we to the petting zoo and Jack got to pet a goat, chicken, llama, horse and donkey. Unfortunately, the donkey bit Jack, but he survived it, poor guy. He redeemed himself though and pet the donkey one last time. We didn't pick out any pumpkins, we'll go down again next week and find the perfect pumpkin, but we did see some good ones there though.

When we got home Wednesday afternoon, I wasn't feeling very well. I ended up getting the flu Wednesday/Thursday. I unfortunately had to go to class on Thursday to give a presentation, which went well, but I was not feeling good the entire time. I got home Thursday night to find out that Luke also got sick. I was feeling well enough to take care of Jack and Luke. Luke felt better on Friday and went to work and then, sure enough, as I was getting ready for bed Friday night, I heard Jack get sick. So, I was up with a sick baby all Friday night. Have you ever seen a 1 year old throw up chicken and noodles? It is not pleasant. Jack slept with me Friday night and threw up several times, but seemed to feel better by Saturday afternoon. Our entire house is healthy, hopefully this was the only bout of the flu we will get this year!

The weekend was fairly low key and we're ready for a busy week BACK TO NORMAL!

Remember, comment!! I need to know if anyone is reading this thing.

Also, my Uncle Matt is on his way to Afghanistan, so please say an extra prayer for him, my Aunt Jen and cousins Madison, Mallory, McKenzy and Jaxon! We love you Matt, be safe and see you in a few months!

Also, please keep sending prayers to Burundi for the Timbie Family! We miss you!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I read this.

Also, our church is thinking about adopting a village or working with the people in Burundi. I didn't know your friends were there specifically.

Dad and Karen

Anonymous said...

love the pumpkin patch pics!!! also, do you like that mobi-wrap? does it hurt your back? i think i might get a couple...
the rally is at the fairgrounds and starts at 12:15.

Anonymous said...

I read...whenever you update :)

-Chris Fiscus

Dennis and Sandy said...

Thanks for the great pictures from the pumpkin patch. There are some that are especially good of both you and Luke as well as Jack. Glad you had a good time at the Obama rally!