Monday, February 11, 2008

Busy Week

Daddy's birthday!
Jack and Mommy
Just out of the bath

It's ok, don't cry Courtney

Big boy and tiny girl
What is this little thing next to me?
Bumbo time!
Daddy and Jack sleeping on the sofa
Snoozing with Grandma Spence

We have had a pretty busy week. Tuesday Jack and I went and saw Noura and Betsy, then we went and visited my friend Karen and her new baby Courtney on Wednesday. She is adorable, I can't believe how small Jack was a few months ago. It's nice to be out of the house and have people to visit. Luke came home Thursday night and his parents came to visit Friday through Sunday. Jack had a good time with his grandparents. Luke's birthday was on Saturday, so Dennis and Sandy babysat while we went on a lunch date and to the zoo. It was only about 45 degrees out, but a nice day at the zoo. Most of the animals were out and we got to touch sharks (little ones, but sharks none the less) and saw a snake eat a mouse. Luckily the tigers didn't jump out of their habitat like in San Francisco! Luke and I had a great time. Jack had fun being oohed and aahed over by his grandma and grandpa, I swear, that child gets SO MUCH attention, he is so loved.

I got to go out shopping with my friends yesterday, it was an outdoor mall and FREEZING, but nice to have girl time. Luke had some male bonding with Jack. Jack still isn't sleeping through the night, but he did sleep most of the night in his own bed last night, waking up about every 3 hours, which is better than it has been lately. Hopefully pretty soon he'll really be sleeping all night.

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andrew,betsy,& noura said...

oh my gosh, Jack doesnt even need that Bumbo chair, hes sitting so straight!