Sunday, August 24, 2008


Cake #1 (first party and Grandma and Grandpa Wags' house)
Mommy and Jack
Opening presents
Grandpa Welder and Jack
Grandpa Wags and Jack
Grandpa and Grandma Wags and Jack
Grandma Wags and Jack
Uncle Paul and Uncle Sparky
Jack and Jack

We went back to Iowa last week for a few days. My grandma and grandpa Kaiser were in town visiting, it was GREAT seeing them. I just love them so much. I had a wonderful time watching Jack get to know his great grandma and grandpa, plus, I like spending time with them too. I also had bridal showers and bachelorette parties for Nicole and Jessica. I had so much fun with them. We went to a comedy club with Jess and a piano bar with Nicole. Their showers were really fun too. I love seeing my friends when I am home. Thanks mom for watching Jack, I know he loved it!

We threw Jack a birthday party at my mom's house on Saturday too. It was a lot of fun, tons of people came, including the Kaisers, Matt, Great Grandma and Grandpas Welder and Kaiser, Grandma and Grandpas Welder and Wagner. Amy and Nicole, Liz, Caroline and Paul. Jack had fun eating his cake and playing with all of his new toys.

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Stephanie said...

How come the only pictures we have of Granpa Jack and Baby Jack are when your Grandpa is wearing a robe?