Sunday, August 24, 2008


Waiting patiently for his cake.
Mmmm...I want it!
Jack and cousin Patrick
Grandma Spence, Great Aunt and Uncle Bill and Sherry.
After being in Iowa for 5 days, Uncle Paul took us to Iowa City to meet Grandma Spence. Grandma Spence then took us to Illinois (in her awesome new car!). We were SO EXCITED to meet back up with Daddy, we hadn't seen him in several days. That night we had a birthday party (Jack's second 1st birthday party) with the Spences', Chandler's, and Karen and Adam (what's Adam's last name??). It was great seeing everyone. Jack LOVES his cousin Patrick and played with him. He got some great new toys and LOVED his Cubs cake that his grandparent's got him. We left Tuesday morning but had a WONDERFUL short trip!

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