Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Timbies

Betsy, Noura, me and Jack

Jen, Beth, Tanya (guitar), Lana, Betsy, Me. Our ROCK BAND PARTY! We had a girls night out the week before Betsy left. I LOVE THESE GIRLS!
How you doin?
Me, Jack and Noura

Our good friends, Betsy, Andrew and Noura Timbie made their way ALLLLLL across the Atlantic and western Africa to Burundi, Africa. They are helping to start a Christian radio station there at Hope Africa University. They left a week ago and made it safely to Burundi. I would appreciate it if you could keep them in your prayers while they are there (until January 2009). Jack and Noura are a few weeks apart in age and LOVE each other (with no prompting from their parents). Betsy and I have become good friends over the past year and Jack and I already miss Betsy and Noura A LOT! But we're excited for their adventure and look forward to regular updates (hint hint). She said that she has had some culture shock, and especially doesn't like it when she sees HUGE spiders in her room, but overall she is getting used to everything. Here are a few pictures of us from right before they left. WE LOVE YOU TIMBIES!

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